California Dreaming - Album Download

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For this short album (EP) "California Dreaming" we recorded our three favorite California-related songs "California Dreaming", "San Francisco" and "Hotel California". We also shot music videos for them when we were on vacation in the USA. Check the tabs below for more info, the videos and lyrics.

Album Download: California Dreaming - 3 Tracks
Download Format: zip file with MP3 and M4A (iTunes+ Format)

California Dreaming - Album Download

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California Dreaming - Album Download California Dreaming - Album CD Back Cover Photo California Dreaming - Booklet Photo "San Francisco" California Dreaming - Booklet Photo "California Dreaming" California Dreaming - Booklet Photo "Hotel California"
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Album Name: California Dreaming
Album Type: Album Download - 3 Tracks
Release Date: 30 Jan 2009
Publisher: MonaLisa Twins
Label: MonaLisa-Records
Download Format: zip file with MP3 and M4A (iTunes+ Format)


Song Tracks:
01   San Francisco (Scott McKenzie)
02   California Dreaming (The Mamas &
       The Papas)
03   Hotel California  (The Eagles)


Cover Arrangement, Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins
About the Album

We got the idea of covering those songs when we planned a trip to the states. As we love the Californian "Live and let live" way of life, these covers are intended to be a tribute to California and its people in particular. We also wanted to use the beauty of this fabulous part of America to make videos for Youtube which we shot right in Los Angeles, San Francisco and their environs. Just the "All the leaves are brown ..." parts were saved for Austria. We filmed the footage first and recorded the music later in our studio in Austria.

We put all our effort and time into making these tracks as good as we possibly could. It was quite challenging to cover such classic pieces of music history that everybody loves. We knew people would hate to see us mess around with these songs and not catching the original feeling. All of them are kind of hymns for a whole generation. But YouTube views suggest that we did a fairly good job since the reactions were pretty good and people seem to like our versions of these classics.

With both of us 14 years old, it was the first time we did a "studio only" project, and we were able to try out whatever we wanted to and had endless opportunities of sound and recording. It wasn't only an awful lot of fun, but we also learned very much about professional studio productions and recordings.

Mona & Lisa
"California Dreaming" Lyrics - Please click on the links:

01   San Francisco 02   California Dreaming 03   Hotel California

About Audio Quality
We did extensive listening tests to choose file formats that come very close to CD quality and can get played back on almost any device like your computer, your smart phone, your iPad or your MP3 player. As you might know there is always a trade-off between file size and sound quality when it comes to file compression. We decided to go for quality rather than for file size because modern computers and other devices usually have more than enough space for audio files.

Our File Formats

At last we decided to provide our music in 2 different formats: MP3 (128 kbit/s) and M4A (256 kbit/s)
For those who don’t know, you recognize the file by its ending, the abbreviation after the “.” of the file title. (e.g. title.mp3, title.m4a)
MP3 is the most common audio file. It will work on any MP3 player, iPod, computer and most mobile phones.
M4A is the typical iTunes (Apple) format, which means it works great for iPods and the iTunes players on your computer. We chose the new “iTunes+ (plus)” quality.

In both formats we could hardly hear any difference to the original master but the M4A is technically better. The MP3 format on the other hand is the most compatible and also very close to the original quality.

Format Conversion

If, for some reason, you need a different format, you can either write us or use a program to convert it (just put “ needed format -converter” in your search engine). There are a lot of free programs that will do the job nicely. However, when you convert you should prefer the M4A file as source file because it is technically better and also has a higher streaming rate than the MP3.

As long as you’re using regular equipment and operating systems you should be fine with those two formats. If you are working on an Apple computer or use iTunes as your audio player though we would generally suggest you to use the M4A files.

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